New Club Competition

Just before the last Lockdown, it was suggested by a South Cheshire RCS member – Richard Mellor – that it would be a great idea to hold a simple one design glider contest using a low cost readily available ARTF Foamie electric glider.

The Volantex Phoenix 1600 was selected and 16 members signed up, bulk purchase made and the gliders were duly assembled over the winter months.

Rules are very simple. Entrants are split into groups of 4 or 5 and all launch together with an instruction to stop motors at 30 seconds. No other rules except no variometers, a limit on a 2S battery of minimum 1300mAh capacity and no changes to the airframe. 10 minute max for the flight with nearest to 10 minutes at touchdown winning that heat.

Contest are scheduled for one per month from April through to autumn and the first was duly held on the 17th April.

A fantastic mornings flying with 4 rounds held in almost perfect conditions, the winner of the first round was Martyn Coles. John Richards officiated and kept the scores.

A great way of building camaraderie in a club.